QuanticMind Marketing

The Marketing Team created multiple campaigns for upcoming ebooks, case studies, webinars, events, etc. to drive sales and direct more web traffic.

My Role

Visual Designer

Scope of Work

Social Media, Email Campaigns & Blog Post Illustrations



By using the updated QuanticMind brand, the team's goal was to create engaging industry assets and content that would eventually drive customers to our Sales Team. 

By creating a more cohesive approach and modern design, it helped keep our current and potential customers engaged and up to date.

Project Team

Marketing Director, Content Writer, and Designer (me).


Marketing assets were content-focused on product and industry news.

Case Studies & Ebooks

Self-promoting items like case studies and ebooks were constantly being flushed out to help keep our customers interested and updated.

Case study - handy .jpg
May-2019 newsletter-products.jpg

Email & Ad Campaigns

Upcoming webinars, blog post, ebooks, and company case studies were promoted on all marketing platforms including Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Email, and Instagram.

In an effort to not only drive organic traffic to our site, but ads were also set up on social platforms which helped grab more attendees.

Webinar  Campaign:
Case Study  Campaign:

Field Events

Marketing flyers and presentation slides were created for tradeshows and events.