QuanticMind Website

QuanticMind is a software technology company that uses machine learning and bid-optimization to manage, scale and optimize performance marketing.

My Role

Visual Designer

Scope of Work

Brand Identity &  Web Design


Project Details

The goal was to re-envision and restructure the company website to create a simplified and straightforward approach for new prospects.

The current content was outdated, with no clear path on how to navigate  the services the company provided. The site consisted of too much copy and the information was redundant.

Project Team

Marketing Director, Web Developer, and Designer (me).


Innovation, Friendly, Playful


The new approach to the brand comes from the idea of  being nerds who don’t take themselves too seriously.


Research began with wordlists, mood boards,  and talking to the Co-Founders to understand the mission and researching what the future brand of the company would shift into.


Brand & Style Guide 

The style guide would be used by the company to follow in presentation decks and throughout the company.

The new style guidelines followed a vibrant approach to tech with vivid colors, added elements for movement and playfulness, and clean clear whitespace to keep it feeling fresh, modern, and timeless.

Website Design

The clean aesthetic opens the opportunity to play with colors, photos, iconography, and imagery.


Icons & Illustrations

Using mostly clean lines with minimal stylistic detail. Two styles were created to highlight different sections. The first style is playful with pops of color. The second keeps a neutral balance between the information and imagery.



Company Values

Company Perks


The Marketing Team created multiple campaigns for upcoming ebooks, case studies, webinars, events, etc. to drive sales and direct more web traffic.