Visbit is an early stage startup founded in 2015 on a mission to revolutionize and develop the next generation of visual technologies for a variety of mediums. First developing an artificial intelligence technology for a photo app called   Pixbrite.

Today, the company is working on developing technologies that create better experiences for virtual reality (VR)  videos.


My responsibilities were primarily creating any visual graphics for the company website, product, mobile apps, social media, and print.

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Visual Identity and Assets

  • Motion Design

  • Marketing Collateral

  • UX/UI Design

  • Iconography

The goal  was to design a  cohesive company brand and use the new brand to create  a useful product for clients to upload, manage, and track the performance of their 360º videos.


Visbit transformed from a B2C to B2B company. Now focused on becoming a more professional startup, the company was ready for a rebrand that would fit the new business vision.


The design team consisted of myself and the Product Designer. We worked closely with the Co-Founders and decided to restyle the company brand colors, website, and iconography.

Previous Color Palette


After researching various color schemes, I found that blue was the one color that represented every word. I used a medium blue as the main color and different shades of the main color for the rest of the palette. By creating a more vibrant palette it helps navigate away from the boring corporate feeling.


For the  new icons, I kept them  simplistic, elegant, and clean.

The main icons used a combination of shades from the blue. The strong contrast brought vibrancy to the company website. 

The rest of the icons, which are used in the Publisher Portal, help to ease the technical speech of the product within the dashboard. 

As more features were added, I created light and dark versions. This opened up the opportunity for them to be used for multiple purposes like print, social media, and pitch decks. 


Because Visbit is a technology company, I wanted to make the website welcoming, easy to understand, and for customers to be able to sign up freely for the VR streaming service.

*This site has  been changed since the original design.


Customers would upload their 360º videos to the Publisher Portal. Here, they could manage and publish their videos directly onto to their own mobile apps to through the VR Player SDK for their users to watch.


The company targets small or big business content-creators and video publishers who did not want to publish their 360º VR videos on traditional viewing platforms. Visbit provides an End-to-End service that includes a Publisher Portal, VR Cloud, and Player or SDK (mobile app or VR web player).


After the product was released publicly, we encountered a few problems. Some features that wanted to highlight were getting lost. I then took on the role and responsibility to redesign the portal structure to better emphasize and separate functions for users to focus on specific tasks, like publishing a video to an app or previewing a video on a Gear VR device.


When the company was just starting to become public, we relied on motion graphic videos to market and visually introduce   Visbit's View Optimized Streaming (VVOS) technology and later the  Visbit® All-in-One Streaming Service. The  videos  were used as a way to introduce what the company offered and how it would benefit our customers. 


I was responsible for creating the storyboards, animatics, designing illustrations and animating the motion graphics.

​Tools Used:

  • Illustrator, After Effects

Introducing Visbit’s View-Optimized Streaming Technology for 360-degree VR Videos

This video won the 2016   MarCom Platinum Award

Introducing Visbit - The First All-in-One VR Streaming Service

Visbit® All-in-One VR Streaming Service was publicly launched with this product tour video to give a glimpse of the product and introduce  how the  service worked.


VR Demo apps were created on multiple devices, like Gear VR, Daydream View, and Cardboard to showcase and demonstrate VVOS technology. Users can download and experience the premium quality for themselves.


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